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Exxon - Avitat

Flight Training

Rental Rates

Piper Archer
Piper Tomahawk

Instructor Rates

Primary ground or flight $30.00/hr
Advanced ground or flight $35.00/hr
BFR   $100.00
ICC   $100.00

All aircraft rental rates are wet. Customers that buy fuel at another location will be credited at the Montgomery Aviation current cash price for AVGAS.

Customers will be charged a minimum of two hours for every 24 hours away from Montgomery Aviation for overnight rentals.

Due to insurance requirements we require a checkout in each aircraft with one of our instructors.

4525 Selma Highway Montgomery, Alabama 36108
Toll Free: 800-392-8044 | Local: 334-288-7334 | Fax: 334-288-7337

ARINC 131.6 | ATIS 120.675 | Clearance 118.3 | Ground 121.7 | Tower 119.7 | Approach (N)121.2 (S)124.0